Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 10 Product Concepts

RIM products can be classified as either business or consumer product, it is a business product because the cellphone companies like T-mobile, AT&T , Verizon and so on, purchase BlackBerry cellphone in order to resell to other customers. RIM objectives on their products is to satisfy an individual's personal wants. BlackBerry cellphones  are shopping products because they are expensive and it takes some effort on process of comparing through the different cellphone companies and their price they offer in order to buy the product.
RIM use to have a single product line which is their BlackBerry cellphones but now the company add a new different product  the BlackBerry Playbook the world first professional tablet, this product create a product mix on the company.RIM frequently launches new BlackBerry cellphones making the idea of modification as a planned obsolescence because with the new technology of BlackBerry cellphones changing so quickly that those cellphone that have already been sold become obsolete.The company established a product line extension when every 3 months they added a new BlackBerry cellphone to their product line. For example on August they added the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and in this month  they added a the new BlackBerry style 9670. RIM has a global brand that in recognize in many countries of different continents, in fact more than half of the company revenue came form outside their country.Research In Motion owned 3 trademarks BlackBerry ®,RIM ® ,Research In Motion ® and are used under license which mean that protecte by the trademark that prohibited from using this brand without permision, another trademark protection that RIM has is the identification of the BlackBerry is their Catchy phrase "Love what you do" 

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