Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 9 Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

Research In Motion offers sales promotion to customer as a incentive to buy a BlackBerry cellphone, the company offers rebates to the retailer in their product when you buy a BlackBerry cellphones you have to mail the rebate form and the receive of your purchase in order to get your 50 dollar visa card or check but this is not immediately it takes up to 3 week to receive it from the manufactures which means the retailer or cell phones companies is not responsible for the rebate.There are some retailers that offers RIM rebate like T-Mobile, Sprint, at&t and metro PCS most of then have the same rebate depending on the type of BlackBerry cellphone you purchased. RIM also offers premiums to the retailers providing them with hands free device or case for the cellphone that customer will receive for free when they purchase a BlackBerry cellphone.

RIM use email to register customers for the loyalty programs customers can register  by going to their website which is "" and filling up your personal information that include your email where they can send you notifications, updates to the system or any special rebate or premium on their accessories for the BlackBerry cellphones. 

On October 26 at Adobe Max RIM President and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis made a promotion announced that could be seem as a contests and sweepstakes for the BlackBerry users because the promotion plan is to provide one Free BlackBerry Playbook to every registered vendor with a BlackBerry App world approved, the intent is to reward developers and designers who are working on apps in advance of the product  launch. Another promotional program that RIM  provide to their users is Sampling they don’t  have product to try for free, but the company got one particular service that customers can try it for free which is the applications or apps that you can download a trial for a limited time and if you like the app you can purchase at the BlackBerry App World.

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