Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 13 Developing and Managing Products.

BlackBerry Style 9670
RIM have 3 categories of new products, the company will have a new product line with the BlackBerry PlayBook coming out in the next year. The idea generation for this product was base on their competitors that have been selling well this type of products such as Apple with their Ipads and Samsung with their Galaxy tabs. The second category is additions to existing product lines; RIM apply this every 3 months when the company add a new cellphone to their existing product line, on this month the last addition to the BlackBerry cellphones product line was the BlackBerry Style 9670 and on August the company added the BlackBerry Torch 9800 indicating that RIM constantly adds new products in order to sustain growth and increase their revenues.

The last category is improvements or revisions of existing products, RIM use this concept when the company improve their cellphones in order to satisfy customer with new technology on the BlackBerry cellphones changing quickly an example of this is the BlackBerry Curve series begun with Curve 8300 series and constantly improve by Curve 8500 series, Curve 8900 series and the last improved BlackBerry Curve 3G

BlackBerry Curve 8320,  BlackBerry  Curve 8520,  BlackBerry Curve 3G

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