Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 12 Customer Relationship Management

Mobile CRM for BlackBerry at CRM-expo 2009
RIM interacts with customers in a direct communicatrion channel which  is the internet, the company do this via email  when users can register by putting their emails and name on the website to receive email on news cellphones or applications available and users can provide feedback on cellphones or apps, this satisfy the touch points witht customers in the company. RIM concern about customer relationship Jim Balsille co-ceo  of RIM says" we want to make sure that any customers that are using BlackBerry can get directly to RIM for technical support to ensure that any issues that arise in their environment can be addressed as quickly as possible" to a newspaper in Canada, making it clear that the company really worry about customer relationship.In order to satisfy customers and engage them with the compamy RIM use this service that BlackBerry users can go to the RIM website to find out why a BlackBerry device is not working as they want if they can find the answer on the website, users are referred to a page where they can describe the problem and a representative of the team of experts assembled by RIM will reply the solution via e-mail.

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