Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 11 Integrated Marketing Communication

RIM uses the AIDA concept on their product in order to get more customers and increase sales. RIM use "A" Attention by creating awarness and gain attetion for the new brand extension the BlackBerry PlayBook and now RIM is advertising and promoting their ads on television, in magazines and on the internet in order get more customer attention. RIM "I" Interest part was made when they show the new features the PlayBook can do with it's integated cameras like taking pictures and record videos in HD and also make video calls this create a interest in this tablet rather than their competitor Apple's Ipad which doesn't have a camer. RIM satisfied "D" Desire section by telling potentional buyers that BlackBerry PlayBook  is the first professional tablet and it creates and brand preference with adapting cameras back and front in the tablet, extended-life battery, adding BlackBerry Messenger on the tablet, and other better features than their competitors dont have. RIM "A" Action is create it when the company promote this new product line of tablet by making commercials, and promoting the ads on television and internet.
RIM have a blog called Inside BlackBerry "" in which make users submit their opinions on how to get more out of their device and the company assembled a team of experts who will provide tips and advice to help BlackBerry users. RIM use the different tactics to promote the upcoming product, the company use a pull strategy by creating a demand for the BlackBerry PlayBook through the exposure of BlackBerry PlayBook ads.

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