Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 7 Retailing

BlackBerry retail store in Michigan
As most of the companies that manufacture cellphones RIM dont have many retail store in U.S. in fact the only have one retail store in U.S. that is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan which made it impossible for me to visit it.Rim sell their product through different cell phone companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, Boost mobile and, Metro PCS those are the company that sell BlackBerry phones in New York but there are other many cell phone companies selling BlackBerry in U.S. I research in internet for those six cellphone companies in New York and i found out that  AT&T  is the store that has more different types of BlackBerry that's why i decided to visit it.
I visited a AT&T store in Times Square, the store sells cellphones from different brands like Motorola, Samsungs, Nokia, Palm, iPhone and of course BlackBerry and also accessories for their different types of cell phones. Outsude the store has a huge iluminated sign of AT&T like most of the store in Times Square,that attract customers attention. Their business hours are from 8:30-11:00 Mon.-Sat. 10:00-9:00 Sun. maiking it accesible for everyone schedule. Inside the store it has touch screen monitors where you can find more details about a cell phone in the store, they use open tablets to show their cell phones where you can in teract with the cellphone making it a "do-it-yourself" because of the low employee density in the store.It only has 2 employee 1 as a cashier and 1 helping customers. As i was looking at the new BlackBerry Torch, I notice the soft and peaceful music that the store was playing that create a pleasant environment, the store has a cool room temperature and a agreeable fragance, and it was decorate with colors
 like orange, white and light blue that produce a feeling of warmth.

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