Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 8 Advertising and Public Relations

In the last fiscal year RIM spent nearly $ 380 million on marketing and advertising its BlackBerry, the revenues that those advertises produce is a 3.60 %. RIM create advertises promoting their products and applications. Most of the ads are relatable to the customers in their everyday situations, those ads also show the exclusive BlackBerry Messenger "BBM" that only BlackBerry cellphones have which could  be the advertising appel for customers, since BBM it is a unique service that can be used for voice messages, capturing and sharing photos or just chat. RIM's recently advertise is their new product BlackBerry Playbook which is the first professional tablet, for RIM this is a new market in this type of product but the Playbook has better features that make a huge different from the compettitor, the playbook is expected to arrive in the US in the next year.

Wall Street: Money nerver sleeps
RIM belief in the idea of product placement which is a strategy that involves getting one's product, service or name to apper in a movie, TV shown, radio program, magazine, video games, or at special events. RIM product "BlackBerry cellphones" appears in those recently movies in this year: Valentine's Day, The Town, and Wall Street: Money never sleeps this movie was a good example of product placement because every bankers has a BlackBerry giving the apperance that BlackBerry phones are for businees people.

When it comes to sponsorship RIM decide to go for the most popular sponsorship like sports, music, or the arts, they choose to be the sponsors of big musical groups and their tours. In 2009 RIM had a big BlackBerry Love U2 campaign where they sponsored the U2 tour. In 2010 RIM was the sponsor of the Black Eyes Peas and their " The End 2010 World tour".

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