Monday, September 27, 2010

Samsung's Corporate Irresponsibility

 A rally for demanding the Samsung's responsibility for the mass leukemia of the Samsung semi-conduct workers in front of kiheung factory, Samsung Electronics.
In South Korea on March 31 Park Ji-yeon, a young woman of 23, died of leukemia. She contracted a blood cancer at the age of 20 after working at the Samsung semiconductor factory in Onyang. The families and friends of electronics manufacturing workers at Samsung in Korea have discovered a cancer cluster among young workers exposed to toxic chemicals. Last month was the third anniversary of the death of Yu-mi Hwang, a Samsung semiconductor factory worker, wo died from leukemia at age 22. Since then Samsung has stonewalled. That episode of cancer was unrelated to their site they say. That rare episode of cancer, the miscarriage in the worker that came next and the leukemia in the worker that came after that, all from the same work station and all the other leukemia sufferers, 10 deaths there as well-still unrelated according to Samsung . Not so fast Yu-mi and similar coworker deaths- have motivated people to demand that Samsung:
  • Accept responsibility for the hazards of semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Compensate those harmed.
  • Prevent future suffering and mistreatment of workers by making Samsung a toxic-free model workplace where workers are treated with dignity and respect.
Samsung denies all responsibility, and the Korean goverment has taken its side by deying compensation and even arresting and detaining the victims lawyer Yu-mi's family, co-workers, friends and other concerned people have formed SHARPS (Supporters for the Health and Rights of People in the Semiconductors industry) to demad justice for the dead and safer conditions for the workers who make our electronic gadgets.
Park Ji-yeon.

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